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Young Life Ministry Team Building Event

“The insight that we as a leadership team gained from our session working with Healing Reins has been invaluable to our ministry this year. The thought that sticks out to me from our day there is, making the box bigger, instead of forcing kids into a program, we need to continually remind ourselves to meet kids on their turf. These horses showed us a lot about our selves, and how we work as a team.”

Carson Cramer, Young Life Area Director in Port Orchard


Corporate Team Building EventMedical Group

“Not only does this process provide individual insight, it really very quickly hones in on group dynamics and teamwork.  This enables the leaders to plan leadership development work both for individuals and the various teams.  The managers participating loved it and we found this to be very valuable input both for our own leadership styles as well as those of the team.”

Debby Wolf, MBA, RN

Mother/Daughter team 
“I was surprised by the EAP process.  Honestly, I didn’t have any idea what to expect, and doubted it could be of much value.  My first EAP session removed those doubts.  It was quite powerful.  “Concrete” comes to mind when I think of EAP — A picture instead of a 1,000 words.  Vivid reflections of lessons learned.”

Ruthie’s favorite session involved both of us.  Though it was almost two years ago, what we learned about how we communicate is in the form of a mental photograph that we always carry with us to help us remember.  As a mother, I can only describe that session as a gift. ”

Individual female client 
“When the love of my life, my husband and soul-mate was killed by hospital malpractice I wanted to die too. I never knew the torturous pain of grief and loss.

The horses at Healing Reins have been wrapping their spirits around my broken heart and helping me face tomorrow. They seem to have a rare healing essence that is different from humans. Through the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy I have learned to stand with the horses and allow them to fill me with their strength and love.

It’s all I can do. It’s enough.”

Individual female client

“Coming into my equine session with little experience around horses, I was apprehensive. This powerful horse was so calm and peaceful in her space when I arrived. A short time in, with strictly nonverbal communication, this once controlled horse became agitated, anxious and fearful with my presence. Letting time pass and stepping back to observe her from a distance I witnessed the most powerful transformation. I witnessed this horse take back her power, her strength, her peace and acceptance. This was so profound. She was a direct reflection of me in her agitated state. Her transition to regain her power is one I long for in myself. I will cherish this session forever and draw from it in all experiences in my own life.”